The Lancaster Trial

A new type of business network.

If you’re a business in or around Lancaster and Morecambe, we’d love you to join the Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe trial via the app.

It costs nothing, and will take very little time, but the benefits could be significant.

If you want someone to get in touch to explain more, send us a quick message with the form below.

Right now, here in Lancaster, we're running a trial to see just how much local businesses could benefit from the Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe clearing club. This has been launched by a partnership between Lancaster business networkers Tanya Harris (Sort It Out) and Peter Walmsley (Walmsley Financial Planning), together with Mutual Credit Services and Informal Systems.

We're looking for one hundred or more businesses that trade with other local firms, both buying and selling. During the trial, each will give approximate figures for the purchases they make over a typical three month period.

We will run MTCS each time there is enough new data. We'll then send out the results, providing you with regular estimates of the potential monthly benefit to your business of joining the Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe clearing club once it launches. Once we've reached critical mass, we'll invite you to submit real invoices so we can do real clearing to conserve your cash.

Participating in the trial (Phase 1 in the Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe roadmap) costs nothing. It works through a simple and convenient web-app (no need to download anything).