The Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe Team

Local businesses, working with experienced partners.

Tanya Harris

Sort It Out

Tanya has over 30 years' experience working in businesses of all types and sizes, from a 3 person micro business up to a multinational conglomerate grossing $6 million a year, and everything in between. Founder of Sort It Out, the virtual assistant, she is passionate about helping small business owners succeed by collaborating with and supporting them to achieve their goals.

Based in Morecambe Bay and covering North Lancashire and South Cumbria areas, it is her mission to help small business owners achieve their goals by giving them back time to focus on the key areas of their business that drive results. In her spare time she likes to walk up mountains, or along by the sea, and tries to complete a book a month.

Peter Walmsley

Walmsley Financial Planning

Peter is a married dad of three chatty children and a 2-year old Viszla which the whole family knows is the number one. He loves his job (helping clients save money, make money, or feel secure) so working isn’t hard, but life is for living. He doesn’t work Mondays and finishes early on Fridays, giving plenty of family and friend time.

Using his business to make the planet a better place has become a key driver for Peter, actively supporting local green initiatives. After that, golf, dog walking, meals out with friends, and getting out on the fells are his keys to happiness.

Ethical Small Traders Association

The Ethical Small Traders Association (ESTA) was established by Michael Hallam following the 2008 financial crisis. Michael was the initiator of Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe and part of the core team until his death in March 2023. The remaining members of the team are working with Michael’s other collaborators to continue his legacy of local economy building in and around Lancaster.

Mutual Credit Services

Dil Green, Mark Rivers-Bland, Rebecca Stacey, Miles Thompson & Tom Woodroof

Mutual Credit Services was founded to help business networks and communities adopt liquidity-saving mechanisms used by the financial sector.

With a deep understanding of economics, design, and commons governance, plus a wide network of collaborators, we provide all the necessary services to instantiate and support viable, self-directed collaborative finance systems that reduce the need for scarce cash and build local economic resilience.

Informal Systems

Paolo Dini, Tomaž Fleischman & Marie Leaf

Informal Systems is a co-operatively owned for-profit organisation building technology that enables verifiable, trustworthy, and fair relationships between protocols and people.

The collaborative finance (CoFi) team brings together decades' worth of experience in trade credit and liquidity-saving mechanisms, monetary and payment systems, sustainable development economics, computer systems, and digital product development. Dedicated to implementing powerful non-extractive financial tools in mutually-supportive ways, the CoFi team brings expert consultancy services and the MTCS algorithm to the Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe initiative.

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