The Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe App

Simple, user-friendly, and secure.

The trial version of our app was launched at the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Expo on 30th September 2022, where the Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe team was present to sign up businesses, demo its features, and answer questions.

The app has been specially built to bring your business the benefits of MTCS with minimal fuss. For the trial, we are just aiming to reach a critical mass of Lancaster and Morecambe businesses and find out which ones will benefit from MTCS (Phase 1). Once we know this (and the app will give you regular estimates!), we’ll release a new version of the app that will do real set-off on real invoices to conserve your cash (Phase 2). You can learn more in our full roadmap.

Features will include a simple invoice submission process, a network directory, and a dashboard showing you how much cash you’re conserving (plus how you compare to other members). You can also access support direct from the team for any questions or problems you may have.

All your data remain yours, and we do not process it for any purpose other than supplying the benefits of MTCS. Invoice data are anonymised prior to processing, so you don’t have to worry about anything commercially sensitive being disclosed to other members of the club.

You can join the trial via the app here!